Friday, June 12, 2015

City of secrets apk android apps

The graphics are spot on but I do wish there was a way for you to skip a puzzle if you wanted to. There have been two puzzles that i have had to go to the online walkthrought and the level with the souvieners I have been stuck on for 3 weeks!!! Iam frustrated and not having fun. Only play if you really want a brain game I was hoping for a more relaxing game. Money down the drain.

City of secrets apk android apps
With over a million sales on other platforms, Mr Moles now debut on Android.
English language version.
"... best adventure games I’ve ever seen on the iDevice" - TouchMyApps
"City of Secrets is utterly impressive with its polished presentation, fluid 3D animations, and full voiceovers." - iPadModo
Want to see my Mole? If you're tired of hammering bird brains against the wall, go underground in the tap adventure game, City of Secrets. Requires logic and puzzle solving skills so turn your brain back on and prove you know your head from a Mole in the ground.
Enter a brilliant high definition world of revolution, mystery, and adventure as you pull together the clues and solve puzzles to uncover the sinister plot. Get it on the tablet for the vivid big screen impact.
The hero's – Rex, the dog, and Mr. Moles - well of course - the mole, can't save Poco Pane without you.
City of Secrets is a classical point and click adventure game presented with beautiful hand drawn art, layered backgrounds and a 3D character cast, fully spoken throughout.
After sales of over a million games, Rex and Mr. Moles have been on adventures across the World for many platforms! They are now making their debut globally on Android. We love to entertain and are confident that aideMMedia is one palindrome you will instantly love.

Great cute point shoot adventure This was cute, broken up into smaller episodes and funny voices and dialogue. A little wordy narration but still adorable. Totally worth the $2 to unlock all the episodes. Recommend for pretty much most ages and looking forward to the next game!!

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